The holidays are upon us! Now is a great time to reach out to your clients to thank them for their business. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing creative and unique corporate gifts that your clients will truly appreciate, like high-quality and elegant customised corporate cufflinks, tie pins, brooches and even belt buckles.

These high-quality gifts can also serve as a business development tool for your new clients. Maybe you haven’t heard from a past client for some time. Reach out again and re-ignite a conversation with a special gift. Or maybe you have a list of prospective clients but no plan – or time – to reach them. Consider initiating contact with a special corporate gift. This gesture can be a key conversation starter that could lead to future or repeat business. In this post, we present a few creative and unique corporate gift ideas that your agency can get started on today.

Custom Cufflinks to Dazzle your Clients

Cufflinks are a classic and essential accessory for your client’s formal or business attire and they make an especially special and lasting corporate gift. Turn your logo into beautiful customised jewellery that your clients will appreciate, value and use. Cufflinks are not only highly useful and easy to travel with, but they’ll also be marketing your business to their own networks every time they wear them. A double bonus for you!

Tie Pins and Brooches – A Small but Dignified Accessory

Like with cufflinks, let your gift do some of the marketing for you! When your gift is made from the best materials and is expertly crafted, your clients with associate this high-value with your business. Tie pins and brooches are a perfect way to express your tastes and attention to detail when selecting corporate gifts. With a range of materials, designs and styles, you can create a customised tie pin or brooch that gets your brand or logo in front of (and on!) your clients this holiday season and beyond.

Bespoke Belt Buckles

Have you ever thought about a branded belt buckle? Perhaps not, but it’s a creative way to promote your logo on a useful accessory for both men and women. Especially if your business is in the retail or fashion industry, a customised clothing accessory will make a memorable and appropriate gift. Belt buckles are used on your client’s own personal belts, so there is no need to worry about proper sizing or style. By gifting a corporate belt buckle, your client will be impressed with your creativity and thoughtfulness!

And, for your very special clients, another creative idea is to package all of these special gifts into a very special, memorable gift set!

Custom Products, Because You Know Your Clients Best!

At the end of the day, you know your clients best. What’s great about branded corporate gifts is how incredibly customisable they are – in other words, we can create what you dream up. This ensures that you’re delivering a really unique gift to engage your specific clients and support your key business goals. For example, at Rocket Badge, we’ve made belt buckles for Status Quo, tie pins for BMI and custom crafted brooches for the world-renowned fashion designer Paul Smith.

This holiday, make a minor investment to say thank you with a special corporate gift. The gesture will help your business stay top of mind with your client, and it may even help you drive more business. Whether you want to create branded cufflinks, tie pins or belt buckles – or something else entirely – Rocket Badge is here to help you. Get in touch with us today to turn your vision into reality in time for the holiday season!