As if we needed one more reason to love summer, but here it is: summer marks the start of the beer festival season! Every weekend, numerous festivals across the UK bring together beer drinkers who may be new consumers or long-time fans of your brewery products. We’re also seeing a recent trend of festivals offering non-alcoholic beer options to appeal to an even wider range of customer preferences. Whether your brewery attends just one beer event this season or if you regularly set up shop at a festival every weekend, make the most of it with the best branded beer swag. The right beer swag will keep your brewery top of mind long after the festival ends. Here’s a few ideas to take with you to your next festival, from beer badges to branded cooler bags.

Beer Badges

Launching a new summer brew to release at beer festivals? One idea is to create a set of customised beer badges for your special releases and give them away to patrons at your event. You could even sell these items at your booth at the festival, to diversify your revenue a bit beyond just beer sales. Try creating a limited-edition badge that features the name and date of the festival as a one-of-a-kind collectable keepsake that you can update every season.

Some trends that we’re seeing in beer badges include the use of high quality products, eco-friendly options and top-notch design. For example, a well-designed, matching backing card or presentation box will complete the look and make your beer badges the perfect festival souvenir or gift. Here’s a great example from BrewDog that features a set of little beer can badges. For more ideas, check out this post we did on pin badge sets to promote your brewery.

Beer Can Coolers

A branded beer can cooler is a perfect pick for beer swag, especially at summer beer festivals where the days can be long and warm. We think your beer drinkers will appreciate an option to keep their beverages cold! As with beer badges, you could design a customised, collectable can cooler featuring the name and date of the festival or showcasing a special beer release. You could also tap into the spirit and personality of your brewery brand and add a clever or funny saying to the can cooler. Humour is a great way to catch the attention of customers.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are an essential tool for any beer lover and an absolute must for breweries at beer festivals. We offer a wide range of these items, available as uniquely shaped keyrings, classic hand-held openers and even some that are magnetic to stick to a fridge for easy use.

Branded Coasters

Low-cost, lightweight and universally appreciated, coasters are another must-have item at beer festivals. Coasters can be printed on one or both sides and provide a clear way for people to follow up with or visit your brewery after the end of the festival. We offer traditional cardboard coasters in circular or square shapes that can be full colour printed with your design, as well as foam backed coasters, embossed coasters, eco-friendly options or even coasters that come with a built-in bottle opener in one corner! If you have surplus inventory at the end of festival season, you can incorporate these into your on-site marketing efforts or even ship packs of lightweight coasters to fans who purchase them from your online shop.

Beer Bags

With so much great beer swag available at beer festivals, it can be difficult for attendees to contain all of their items. Help them out a little by giving away branded bags featuring your brewery logo. You’ll be giving your visitors not just a sample of your beer, but also a functional keepsake item that will remind them of your product every time they carry the reusable bag. You could fill the bag with other promotional or marketing items, such as printed coupons and discounts for people that visit your brewery after the festival. We can even apply your brewery logo to a special six or four-can cooler bag like the example below, which will help your customers keep their beer cool during and after the festival. It’s a great way to help your fans associate your brewery brand with leisure, summer and fun!



Remember that your beer and your merchandise will be competing with all the other breweries at the festival. Selecting the most unique, functional and well-designed items will help your brewery stand apart from the rest. In addition to the above suggestions, we also offer classic merchandise like brewery hats, t-shirts and glassware. And don’t forget about your front-line staff representing your brewery at the festival. We can help with attire, button badges or name tags to enhance your brewery brand.  Get in touch with us today to make the most of beer festival season. With over 1,000 product ideas, you’re sure to find something special for your fans. Cheers!