No day is the same at Rocket Badge, and we love this! Many of our clients come to us to create unique enamel pin badges to sell online or at retail locations. Custom enamel badges are a proven low-cost, high-return way to raise the visibility of your business and drive revenue at the same time. But, with so many options for badges and other promotional merchandise, we also understand that it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re just getting started with selling enamel pins.

To help cut through the overwhelm, there are a few core areas we suggest thinking about and focusing on when preparing to sell your badges, the “three P’s” of Product, Presentation, Promotion. In this post, we introduce these three concepts and share some helpful tips for getting your badges retail-ready, from concept to final sale!

The Product

The first tip we have is to think about the product. What type of badge do you want to create? Choosing the right material and type of badge that perfectly suits your ideal customer demographic is important for running profitable badge campaigns in the long term.

Enamel pin badges come in two different styles: soft enamel and hard enamel. Here are some of the differences, and how to choose the right type of enamel for your next custom badge.

Soft Enamel

soft enamel badge

Soft enamel pin badges are a popular choice for their lower cost and versatility. These badges make use of raised metal lines and recessed enamel, which makes them feel ‘bumpy’ to the touch. Despite their name, soft enamel badges are still hard to the touch and a great option if you’re just getting started.

Hard Enamel

hard enamel badge

Hard enamel badges are highly durable and have a flat design. Rather than sitting below the metal line, the enamel is layered up and then polished back down to the same level. The result is a flat, smooth surface. These are ideal if you’re looking for a pin badge with long-term durability or a more polished look and feel.

The Presentation

custom backing card

Presentation is everything! The best and most affordable way to add that “little extra touch” to your badge is to incorporate the perfect packaging. A specially designed presentation box or backing card completes the full visual effect around your badge and will further entice people to buy it. In fact, did you know that adding a backing card can increase badge sales by up to 25 percent!?

Adding special presentation materials is also a great opportunity for additional messaging about your company or service. Use the extra space to go big on your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. We’ve created a range of interesting packaging options for our clients, from clear polybags to printed swing tags to display boxes. And we’d love to create something we’ve never even done before – give us a call and share your bright and bold ideas!

Finally, Promotion!

There’s no use creating custom badges if you don’t have a plan to sell them! First, think about your distribution strategy. Do you intend to sell these badges online or in-store? How do you plan to incorporate these badges into your product line and sell them to drive revenue? Depending on your goal, there are numerous options available for smart promotion.

Set up an online shop using a website like Etsy or Shopify or partner with online retailers to distribute and promote your new pin badges. Social media platforms are great way to build awareness and showcase your new creations. Another idea that works well is to partner with local businesses and retailers to sell your items at check-out points. We can help you create the perfect eye-catching display options for these tremendous point-of-sale opportunities.

Making your own enamel pin badges is easy, and a great way to promote your creativity and message to the market. So, it’s time to get selling!