Most retailers use badges to easily identify and brand employees, which helps create a better customer experience. Yet, the benefits of badges in the retail environment extend far beyond just name badges. Customised badges can be used to not only to help promote your store’s branding and make it easy for customers to make a personal connection with employees, but also to motivate and reward your top performers. Below, we share some of the more creative ways that retailers can leverage the benefits of bespoke badges.

Identify Employees with Personalised Designs

A great retail badge is both practical and attractive, and the design of a badge can make a significant impact on its function. Colour, shape and style can be used to quickly and easily identify employees based on certain criteria. For example, a leading sports retailer that we work with codes its name badges based on department, which makes it easier for customers to find the help they need in store. On the other hand, a high-street clothing store customer uses colours to differentiate employees by title and level, so shoppers can quickly identify managers.

Another creative way to leverage colours as identifiers is to make them interchangeable. Your store employees may work within various departments, as is the case in many retail outlets. By creating a custom badge that features removable and interchangeable colour blocks, you can make it simple for employees to cover multiple departments or showcase various areas of expertise.

Motivate & Reward with Stunning Recognition Badges

Aside from being great identifiers, badges also are an inspired way to reward, recognise and motivate employees. With an array of versatile, unique designs and high quality finishes available, it’s easy to create a badge that showcases your brand and offers a highly-valued means of reward.

As an example, a global nutrition and weight management company uses badges as the centrepiece of their unique rewards programme for both its members and distributors. Members who join the company’s Weight Loss Challenge are given a badge at the start of their programme. For each weight loss milestone, they receive a charm to add to their badge, giving them a goal to work towards, as well as recognition for their hard work.

The company also has identified a unique way to leverage badges to motivate its distributors through its Royal Recognition programme. Distributors earn royalty points based on their performance, and are recognised for their achievements with high-quality, bejewelled Royal Recognition pins. The pins serve as a status symbol within the distributor community, and not only are effective in setting goals for distributors, but rewarding them for their accomplishments.

There are many ways that retailers can tap into the benefits of badges. Whether you’re looking for creative ways to identify employees or fun and interesting ways to motivate and reward your top performers, we can help you find the perfect badge!