How to Maintain Brand Consistency Across your Merchandise

All // By Lana Ziskind - 4th October 2018

Developing a compelling brand is one thing. Maintaining its consistency is another. Today, the latter is just as important as the former, if not more so. Cultivating a clear and consistent brand over the short and long term is key for companies of...

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How to Design a Name Badge that Stands Out

All // By Rowena Mutuc - 28th September 2018

how to design a name badge

Name badges are an essential element of corporate branding in nearly every industry. Name badges enable your staff, visitors and customers to form an instant connection with your brand and your employee’s name and role. Name badges are useful for...

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3 Reasons Button Badges Make the Perfect Promotional Tool

All // By Morgane Avian - 13th September 2018

Even with all of the badges that we offer, promotional button badges continue to be one of our most popular products. And it’s no surprise why. With their low production cost, quick turnaround time and classic popularity, promotional button badges...

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How to Make Enamel Pins: The Essential Guide to Getting Started

All // By Diana Oliveira - 15th August 2018

Enamel pin badges are having a comeback moment! We’re seeing them everywhere as creators and companies alike are wondering how to make enamel pins themselves and use them to promote their designs and generate new profit. From illustrators to...

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