Congratulations on step one, designing a cool new pin badge! But now, but how do you make it retail-ready? Branded backing cards, swing tags and presentation boxes are all great ways to add polish and prestige to your badge. This post will look at how artists and brands alike can position their badges to sell well in retail locations – whether it’s an Esty shop or a high street retailer.

Enhance your Badge with Stunning Backing Cards

One way to get your pin badge retail-ready is simple but effective: pin it to a custom branded backing card. This seemingly small touch will enhance your branding and help your badge and message stand out. In fact, did you know that adding a backing card can increase sales by up to 25%? Wow!

As part of our always-free design service, our experts can help you create a custom backing card in a size and colour of your choice to perfectly complement your pin badge. In fact, we work with many artists and creators who spend as much creativity and time on designing a stunning backing card as they do on the badge itself. The result is evident in creative, eye-catching and unique cards. Here’s an example we love. The backing card is playfully designed to look like a check-out card from a library, adding to the literary theme of the Jane Eyre badge.

Credit: illustrations by Laura Crow Etsy

Corporates don’t have to miss out on the creativity, either. We’ll work with your branding to create a stunning card in line with your company’s image or products. A clean and consistent backing card will help with your overall brand recognition. Here’s a clever example from Adidas, which created a set of badges in the style of its iconic shoe design. The Adidas logo is featured prominently in the extra space on the card.

Brand your Badge with Swing Tags

Swing tags are another great option to enhance your pin badges. You’ve probably seen swing tags on clothing to identify the size and material – these can also be attached to your badge by thread or plastic or included in the badge packaging. Swing tags include appealing but informative content. For an artist, this might be an additional design, a description of your work or your online gallery website. For a company or brand, this might include your tagline, social media handles or website address. A well-designed tag can help you attract and entice customers and help your item stand apart from others.

Gone are the days of boring old swing tags! Today, you can work with our Rocket Badge design experts to create a polished swing tag that is as creative and clever as your artwork or your brand. We offer a range of materials so you can select the right quality, finish and thickness for your swing tag.

Plenty of Packaging Options

At Rocket Badge, we know that presentation can be everything. Another way to add that “little extra touch” to your pin badge is to incorporate the perfect packaging. We offer a range of packaging options, from clear polybags to custom presentation and display boxes. Will you be selling your pin badges online, perhaps on a design shop like Etsy? Presentation boxes are a smart option, because they will protect your badges during shipping and delivery.

If you’re selling your badges at a retail location, presentation boxes are part of a proven strategy to create the perfect eye-catching display for point-of-sale opportunities. Presentation boxes are also a great choice if you’ve designed a series of pins or a high-end or collectable badge, like this example.

We hope you’re starting to see the potential of these various retail-ready strategies! We can help you create all of the above or even work with you to turn your ideas into creative packaging. For even more, please see this blog post on Product, Presentation and Promotion. As part of our always-free design service, we’ll make sure your presentation complements the special look and feel of your badge.