Name badges are an essential element of corporate branding in nearly every industry. Name badges enable your staff, visitors and customers to form an instant connection with your brand and your employee’s name and role. Name badges are useful for everything from helping staff identify one another to building trust with and familiarity with customers. This makes them perfect both in the office and for use when meeting the public.

While they seem straightforward and commonplace, name badges present a great opportunity to get creative and extend your brand through clever design. This post will look at a few suggestions for making a better name badge – one you’re your employees will be proud to wear!

1) Make it Clear

By their nature, name badges are designed to quickly and clearly communicate key information. Make sure your name badges are legible by using big, bold fonts and ensuring that the contrast of colours is correct. At Rocket Badge, our expert designers can help you put together the perfect balance of artistry and clarity. Here’s an example from Production Engineering Solutions that we think strikes this balance quite well.

2) Make it High Quality

Name badges come in a variety of materials, finishes and formats. For example, you can choose from plastic, aluminum, nickel or gilt. Names and branding can be printed directly onto the badge or on a slide-out name card, neatly framed within a plastic window. You’ve carefully crafted the look and feel of your brand; make sure that your name badges are an exact replica with accurate engraving or screen printing and fully-matched Pantone colouring. Here’s a crisp example from ASDA that incorporates its value proposition of “Always happy to help.”

In addition, colour, shape and style can be used to quickly and easily identify employees based on certain criteria. For example, a leading sports retailer that we work with codes its name badges based on department, which makes it easier for customers to find the help they need in store. On the other hand, a popular high-street clothing store customer uses colours to differentiate employees by title and level, so shoppers can quickly identify managers.

3) Get Creative!

Do some research on clever name badges from other companies or industries. One idea is to check Pinterest for “conference badges” to draw inspiration. At Rocket Badge, our name badges come in an incredibly wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you find something on Pinterest that you really like, chances are we can create it for you. Our in-house design team is always up for a challenge to create something absolutely unique for you.


Another idea is to tie to your name badge design to your place of work. For example, many hospitals and healthcare centres already require their staff to wear name tags because of the wide range and large number of people work in these settings at various shifts of each day. Personalised name tags can be an affordable, effective tool to help patients and customers form a connection with healthcare workers. The simple act of knowing the name of these providers can help a patient form a better bond, create a personal connection and reduce stress.

Or perhaps you’re in hospitality or retail and can add a little more flair to your name badge. Consider exciting elements like personalized LED flashing badges which are fun and bright and that get noticed. Are you gearing up for a large conference? Funky, flashing badges are a great choice for getting your brand or logo noticed at everything from exhibitions and promotions to charity walks and nightclubs. They’ll definitely add a touch of sparkle to your message.

We hope this post helps give you some ideas for designing a company name badge that stands out. If your business is in a state of growth, we can even manufacture names badges and hold them in stock for you to order at a later date every time you have new staff or a new location. There are so many ways you can tap into the benefits of name badges.

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to identify employees or fun and interesting ways to motivate and reward your top performers, we can help you find the perfect name badge today!