We said it in an earlier blog post, but it’s worth repeating: An article in the Guardian reports that the number of breweries in the UK was set to top 2,000 in 2017. That number stands to grow in 2018. So how do you differentiate your brewery from the rest? One answer is to brew better beer than your competition! A second answer is to master your merchandising. Branded items like beer badges, apparel or keyrings can help your brewery build awareness and engage your customers. These items could even help drive revenue. This post will look at some best practices for creating great brewery merchandise that your customers will want to buy and wear. Cheers!

Above All, Think Quality

Your merchandise is a reflection of your brewery, so make sure that everything you create is not only consistently branded, but also high-quality. One trend we’re seeing with promotional products is a shift from cheaper toss-away items to higher quality, more keepsake merchandise. For example, with brewery badges, consider using top-line materials, like copper-stamped premium quality badges – the fine craftsmanship and hand-polished finish will last a lifetime. After all, you brew your beer with the utmost care and quality; do the same with your promotional products.

In addition to the materials you select, consider also how you’ll package, display or sell various items. One idea is to add custom backing cards to brewery badges or pins to add a little touch of luxury. As a bonus, the backing also provides space for additional content or messaging.

Brand + Design = Great Merchandise

Another trend in promotional products is top-notch design. With so much competition, make sure that all elements of your brewery brand – from your colours to your font – come through clearly in your merchandising. At Rocket Badge, we’ll work with you to ensure proper colour matching, design and dimensions. While some promotional items are intentionally given away for free, your brewery could also sell high-quality and well-designed merchandise like clothing and badges for additional revenue. When your happy customers wear these items, they become walking, talking ambassadors for your brewery.

Form and Function

With so many options, a good rule of thumb is to choose merchandise that’s both functional and fun. Enamel pins, keyrings and vinyl stickers are all great ways to promote your latest brew. These items can be sold online or on-site, all while keeping costs in check. Remember, the goal is to provide customers with something of value that will remind them of their experience and your products.

 Leverage the Trends and Be Agile

We mentioned a movement toward higher quality, well-designed merchandise, but there are other trends that you should take note of when creating merchandise for your brewery. Wearables are big, including clothing and accessories. Many companies are moving away from stuffy work-related attire like collared polo shirts toward clothing that people will want to wear outside of the office (or brewery). Consider adding your brewery branding to functional and trendy athletic-inspired attire like fleeces, vests and hats.

Another trend we’re seeing is to create promotional merchandise that speaks to specific generations, like millennials, or to important causes, like the environment. As a brewery, you already have a great product to work with, so get creative and create popular, eco-friendly items like branded reusable bags. After all, your customers will need a way to carry your product home!

At the end of the day, you know your customers best. What’s great about brewery merchandise is how incredibly customisable it is – in other words, we can create what you dream up. Get in touch with us today and tell us more about your brewery. We’re here to help you create the perfect products to promote your tasty beverages and differentiate your business from the rest!