Meet the Maker: We Talk Band Merchandise with Musician Tom Rosenthal

Arts & Music // By Morgane Avian - 19th June 2018

At Rocket Badge, we’re fortunate enough to work with many artists and musicians to bring their ideas to life through creative, custom band merchandise. We recently reached out to London-based musician Tom Rosenthal to learn more about how he got...

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Restoring a Classic Car: Gordon Johnston Recreates the Gilbern T11

// By Morgane Avian - 12th June 2018

At Rocket Badge, we love when our customers come to us with a super unique use for their badges - in this case, restoring a classic car. Recently, we partnered with Gordon Johnston to help him add the finishing touches to his passion project, the...

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Our Best Selling Promotional Badges – And Why People Love Them!

All // By Morgane Avian - 2nd May 2018

One of the best things about promotional badges is that there is no shortage of options. No matter your business or your goal, you have seemingly endless choices in terms of the badge type, material, size, colour, function and so on. But we also...

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How to Choose the Perfect Badge for your Campaign

All // By Morgane Avian - 5th March 2018

badge types

Custom badges are a high-impact and cost-effective way to extend the visibility of your company or campaign. Badges are popular and versatile and are worn by people of all ages in a number of ways. They come in an almost limitless variety of styles...

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