Hard Enamel vs. Soft Enamel Pin Badges

All // By Lana Ziskind - 21st March 2018

You’re keen to explore enamel pin badges for your company or campaign. Fantastic! You’ve made a great choice – bespoke enamel pin badges are a high-impact and cost-effective way to help meet your marketing or administrative goals. One of the...

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Size, Colour, Shape and Selling: Four Easy Tips to Design the Perfect Enamel Badge for your Customers

All // By Lana Ziskind - 19th January 2018

Enamel pins or badges are a great way to promote your brand. These durable little items are affordable, but high value and can be the key ingredient in your upcoming campaigns. For example, a well-designed enamel badge can help you build brand...

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Motivate, Incentivise & Reward Retail Employees with Bespoke Badges

Retail // By Lana Ziskind - 14th November 2017

Most retailers use badges to easily identify and brand employees, which helps create a better customer experience. Yet, the benefits of badges in the retail environment extend far beyond just name badges. Customised badges can be used to not only to...

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