The 3 P’s to Selling Enamel Pin Badges

All // By Diana Oliveria - 13th March 2018

No day is the same at Rocket Badge, and we love this! Many of our clients come to us to create unique enamel pin badges to sell online or at retail locations. Custom enamel badges are a proven low-cost, high-return way to raise the visibility of...

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Why You Should Recognise Employee Loyalty with Service Award Badges (Plus a Few Ideas on How to Do It!)

// By Diana Oliveria - 8th March 2018

An award of service recognises a long-standing employee and presents an opportunity to thank someone for their dedication, service and contribution over time, whether it’s five, ten or even 50 years! One idea for your company’s next service...

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4 Tips to Take your #PinGame to the Next Level

Arts & Music // By Diana Oliveria - 20th February 2018

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Did you hear? Pin badges are cool again! The adage, “everything old is new again,” certainly rings true when it comes to fashion pins. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence in these tiny collectables. It’s almost an homage...

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