We love badges so much that we named our company after them! But did you know that Rocket Badge makes many other neat branded products, like key rings and cufflinks? We’ve put together a list of some of the more surprising items we make that you might not be aware of. With everything, we offer always-free design service. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to make it easy and to ensure you get the best product possible, no matter what it is.

Custom Keyrings

We think customised keyrings are the next best thing to badges! Keyrings are a low-cost, high-visibility and high-profit way to get your brand into more hands. They’re also very useful and functional, making them a popular item among a wide range of people. Just think how much brand trust you will create when people see your logo every time they pull out their keys, or hand them to others. We can turn your vision into a stunning and completely custom keyring. You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes, including soft custom PVC keyrings, 3D keyrings, and keyrings in any shape you can think of! Here for example, is a stunning key chain we did with a Harry Potter theme.

Custom Backing Cards

Did you know that we create custom branded backing cards for badges, keyrings and other items? Customised backing cards will add extra polish and prestige to your item, whether you plan to sell it online, in retail stores or present it as a gift or award. Backing cards will enhance your branding and help your product stand out from others. In fact, did you know that adding a backing card can increase sales by up to 25%? Wow! Here’s an example we love. The backing card is playfully designed to mimic the theme of the Street Fighter keyring.

Customised Presentation Boxes

Another way to add that “little extra touch” to your item is to incorporate the perfect packaging, like a printable bag or customised presentation box. Will you be sending your items in the mail? Presentation boxes are a smart option, because they will protect your special products during shipping and delivery to ensure they arrive flawless.

A presentation box also creates a perfect eye-catching display for point-of-sale opportunities. We can help you design unique presentation boxes to house collectable sets or special badges for corporate gifts and service awards. Here’s an example we did for BrewDog to showcase a collectable set of four beer can pin badges. So clever!


We often talk about bespoke badges as a great way to reward employees, students or customers. But custom made and bespoke medals are also a great alternative! We can help you create the perfect branded medals for your university, company or club. You’ll can choose everything from the material, size, shape, colour and finish to the lanyard and bespoke packaging options. Medals are a unique keepsake item that your customers or employees will cherish for years to come, and they can be fully customised down to the smallest detail, including changing the colours or branding on the ribbon itself, giving you an avenue to get extra visibility and awareness for your brand, if the awards being given also have a promotional aspect.


What about customised cufflinks? While cufflinks are an essential accessory for formal or business attire, they’re not just for corporate VIPS. We’ve worked with companies, universities, artists and fashion outlets to help them create stunning cufflinks that they often sell in retail locations. Tap into the trend and design your own high-quality and wearable product today! You’ll get to select from a variety of styles, finishes and presentation options, complete with expert craftsmanship for a stunning, long-lasting product.

Custom Products

At the end of the day, you know your brand best! What’s great about Rocket Badge is that we can create almost any bespoke product you can think up. Take a look at our full catalogue to get a sense of the range of options and impress your clients with your creativity. This could be plush toys, belt buckles, clothing, bags and so much more. For example, we created this beautiful and original Leona Lewis bag and keychain. No matter what your vision is, you’ll get our always-free design service and friendly support every step of the way.

Interested in branded merchandise that’s not on the list? Chances are we can make it for you. Once we understand your goals, we’ll suggest how we can perfectly design and manufacture your product to reach your audience – all within time and on budget.

To find out about our full range of completely customisable branded promotional products give us a call today on 0333 7000 132 or get in touch through our contact page. Our team of promotional merchandise experts are local, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to talking with you!