One of the best things about promotional badges is that there is no shortage of options. No matter your business or your goal, you have seemingly endless choices in terms of the badge type, material, size, colour, function and so on. But we also know that all these choices can leave you feeling a little unsure about your decision, especially if this is your first entry into promotional merchandise. It can be hard to get started. But have no fear! To help you, we’ve put together this list of our top-selling badges to help you see the benefits of each and understand some of the creative ways people are using them.

Soft Enamel Badges

At Rocket Badge, our soft enamel badges (we also refer to them as mid-range enamel badges) are a top-selling item. Why do people love these? One reason is that they are incredibly cost-effective, but still look incredible, and will last a lifetime. So, if you’re looking to create a large quantity of badges as giveaways and want your badges to be loved and in use for many years to come, soft enamel is a smart choice. At the same time, our soft enamel badges are very high-quality, making them a great low-cost, high-reward or high-profit choice. We find that soft enamel badges are very popular among our artist and creative customers, as well as with some major retailers. One clever example of this type of badge comes from illustrator Laura Crow, who uses soft enamel badges to transform her illustrations into beautiful personalised pin badges to sell online and in museums.


And no, despite the name, they’re not actually soft! These badges make use of raised metal lines and recessed enamel, which makes them feel ‘bumpy’ to the touch, which makes the badge interesting to touch as well as look at in the finished product. Despite their name, soft enamel badges are still hard to the touch and lend a precise and polished look.

Hard Enamel Badges

Our hard enamel badges (also referred to as premium quality enamel badges) are just as popular as our soft enamel badges. One reason people love these badges is because they last a lifetime. Hard enamel badges are high value with a polished durability and thus are a great choice if you plan to sell your items online or at a retail location. Or perhaps you plan to use your badge frequently at corporate events or as part of an employee’s uniform. Hard enamel badges stand up heavy use, day after day. Hard enamel badges are used by nearly every industry and for a range of purposes. For example, at Rocket Badge, we’ve created hard enamel badges for Marshall Amplifcation, Boots, Miele and many others. Here’s a nice example.

Printed Badges

We don’t mean to keep beating the same drum, but our printed badges are very popular, too! Printed badges offer a very high quality at a low cost and are a great choice to ensure total accuracy in your design. With a printed badge, we can reproduce photographs or graphics with subtle graduations in tone and colour, even with the most complex design. This is a great choice if you want to create a precise badge featuring your company logo. Another benefit, as with enamel badges, is that they can be custom made in any shape or size to fit your needs.

Sandblasted Badges

Have you heard of “sandblasted” badges? Our customers love these unique items for their eye-catching finish and durability. Sandblasted or precious metal badges offer stunning textural effects and can be plated in polished gilt or nickel. This is a great option if you’re looking to design a gift or lifelong keepsake for your customers, VIP clients, students or staff. They can also be sold online or at a retail store, and have a very high perceived value. Sandblasted badges a popular choice for awards or service badges and can even be made into custom jewelry by adding gemstones of your choice.

Button Badges

Last but not least, are our (you guessed it) popular button badges. These little best-sellers are a cost-effective way to meet your goals, whether as a giveaway or gift. You could also add a clever, customised backing card and sell these items to your customers. One great perk with button badges is the speed with which they can be designed, created and shipped. If you need something quick, consider a button badge. Custom button badges are a favourite among bands, politicians and sports teams.

We hope this guide helped you learn a little more about some of our most popular badges and why people love them. We sure do! If you have questions about these or other promotional items, please get in touch with our friendly experts today to talk through your ideas. We look forward to helping you take the first step toward the perfect badge, no matter what type of promotional or fundraising campaign you might be creating.