The concept of ‘building buzz’ can be a powerful way to generate brand awareness and promote your business. The goal is to get people talking about your brand or company, so they can pique the interest of potential buyers. It’s also a great way to promote your business, without breaking your marketing budget!

When it comes to generating buzz, there are a number of strategies that virtually any company can put into place. Here, we look at four clever ways that you can start building buzz for your business.

Plan a Giveaway!

Though giving away freebies may seem counterintuitive (the idea is to increase revenue, afterall!), a well-planned giveaway can prove to be an incredibly effective way to garner attention for your brand. The reason is quite simple: everyone loves free things!

When planning a giveaway, the goal is to engage with potential customers and inspire them to start building a relationship with your brand, product or service. Since the aim is to reach as many people as possible, it’s best to consider promotional items that have a low production cost, but a high perceived value with recipients. For this reason, button badges tend to a very popular giveaway promotional item. These tiny collectables are not only easy on the budget, but they’re also incredibly popular. Furthermore, they will extend the visibility of your brand when recipients wear them on their caps, rucksacks or favourite jacket.

Consider hosting a giveaway campaign on social media, or offer free swag to attendees at the next trade show or exhibition you plan to attend. No matter the venue, people will appreciate the gesture and be excited to engage with your brand!

Team up with Like-Minded Businesses

Another great way to expand your reach and introduce your brand to a new audience is by teaming up with another business. Consider partnering with another brand that serves a similar target audience or offers a product or service that complements your own. For example, an athletic clothing company might team up with a beauty products provider and create a co-sponsored campaign around self-care wellness.

From creating co-sponsored content to hosting cross-promotional events, the opportunities for partnership promotion are endless.

Host an Event

Events are a great way to actively engage with prospects and build buzz for your brand! Consider hosting a free seminar, presentation or event as a way to get your brand’s name out there and start generating quality leads. The key to a well-attended event is to focus on a topic that offers value beyond your product or service offering. For example, a boutique PR firm might offer a seminar on how to get media coverage on a tight budget. Or a florist might host a demonstration on how to create stunning floral arrangements.

No matter what topic you choose, be sure to show your event attendees gratitude for attending. Consider creating custom-branded keyrings or badges to give to event attendees as a small token of your appreciation and a memorable reminder of your brand.


Engage through Social Media

Marketing your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter is another effective way to get people talking about your brand, while also building an online community. Aside from being active on social channels, consider hosting a social media contest to help garner attention and capture those precious first followers.

One idea is to hold a “like-to-win” contest, where followers are asked to like a post, profile or photo in order for the chance to win a covetable item or must-have branded merchandise items. These types of contests offer a simple, yet highly impactful, way to engage your fans and get your brand noticed.

No matter your industry, company size or service offering, it’s easy to build buzz for your business with the right strategies. At Rocket Badge, we’ve worked with numerous companies to help them create memorable, branded merchandise that helps get their brand noticed. Please get in touch with our team today and start generating buzz for your company!