Did you hear? Pin badges are cool again! The adage, “everything old is new again,” certainly rings true when it comes to fashion pins. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence in these tiny collectables. It’s almost an homage to 90’s trends – fashion pins are being worn on denim jackets, vintage purses, clothing, backpacks and hats.

This is a great moment for creatives and designers. Pin art is a great way to showcase your work, build a fanbase and generate income. In this post, we share a few tips to help artists and creatives like you get your #PinGame on right now.

#PinGame Tip: Be Bold with Form and Function

literary pin badge

Credit: itslauracrow Esty shop


Turn your artwork into eye-catching collectable pins that stand out in the crowd. One client we work with, illustrator Laura Crow, created an entire series of enamel pins with creative illustrations of classic novels.

You can also turn your artwork and designs into unique patches that can be sewn or ironed onto clothing and textiles. Restart old but bold trends – remember the iconic GUESS patch on jean pockets? Promote your pin badges and patches as a way for people to add “flair” to their clothing, especially with popular, worn-in vintage jeans and other thrift store treasures.

#PinGame Tip: Pins for All

enamel pin badge

While you should do some localised research to understand what types of pins your fans want, we offer a few ideas to start. We know that pins are a hot trend among young people to adorn their clothing and accessories, but they also speak across generations and gender.

To speak across a wide array of people, consider tapping into popular culture opportunities. What’s going viral? What is the political landscape? What jokes or phrases are the most popular? Combine your artwork with a pop culture or sports moment, or design something to promote a favourite local band or event. Who knows, you could start your own hashtag or viral meme with your artwork pins! If you really want to tap into a moment in near real-time, consider popular button badges, which can be designed and delivered quickly to get you up and running. At Rocket Badge, for example, we can help you put these together in about a week.

#PinGame Tip: Promote your Creativity

Instagram is an amazing platform for artists like you to share your work. Promote your pins with potential customers on Instagram and other social media sites, as well as on your website. Research bloggers or journalists who cover the local art scene and pitch your story and design to them. Get clever with your marketing and offer a discount or a free item for those who post photos of your pieces. And don’t forget about the power of self-promotion! Proudly wear your own pins and encourage your friends, family and fellow artists to do the same with a grassroots approach to marketing.

#PinGame Tip: Sell Your Pins Like a Pro

There’s no use creating pins and patches unless people can find them to buy them!  Do you already have a website to showcase your artwork? Great! Sell your pins directly on your website. You can also tap into the huge potential of craft shops like Etsy, a popular and global e-commerce site that focuses on handmade or vintage items. And, because your items will be so visually stunning, prioritise any opportunity to sell these items in person so people can hold and see your special pins and patches. Sell them at your gallery or any upcoming events you have scheduled. And look for farmer’s markets, sporting or cultural events or partner with retail outlets to sell them at check-out points, especially at creative or high-end stores.

Take advantage of the resurgence of pin badges to highlight your artwork and take your #PinGame to the next level. Get in touch with us today to help turn your creative artwork and ideas into unique products that will showcase your work, build a larger fanbase and generate income.