6 Products You Didn’t Know We Made

All // By Rowena Mutuc - 18th April 2018

We love badges so much that we named our company after them! But did you know that Rocket Badge makes many other neat customisable products, like key rings and cufflinks? We’ve put together a list of some of the more surprising items we make that...

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How to Make your Pin Badges Retail Ready

All // By Diana Oliveira - 12th April 2018

Congratulations on step one, designing a cool new pin badge! But now, but how do you make it retail-ready? Branded backing cards, swing tags and presentation boxes are all great ways to add polish and prestige to your badge. This post will look at...

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5 Must-Have Items for your Next Tradeshow

All // By Rowena Mutuc - 5th April 2018

Tradeshow season is right around the corner! Exhibiting at a tradeshow can be a lucrative marketing opportunity, and we have your guide for making the most of your next event. From the essentials to stand-out giveaways that are bound to drive booth...

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5 Ways to Put Pin Badges to Work for your University

Education // By Marilyn Noel - 28th March 2018

Schools and universities can leverage basic pin badges in many ways – from fundraising and promotion to fostering school spirit among faculty and students. Special pin badges also make great gifts for donors and long-serving educators. In this...

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