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We've been supplying UK organisations with perfect badges and keyrings for 30 years. As a quality-certified ISO9001 company, we're proud to provide the country's best guidance, service and reliability.

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We’re the badge experts you wish you’d always known about.

We know this because our customers tell us. All the time. From now on, you can look forward to the kind of service that only comes with supplying badges and keyrings for 30 years. And finally, you can have confidence that your badges and keyrings will perfectly represent your brand.

And yes, you can celebrate the guarantee that you’re getting the UK’s best prices. Say goodbye to that anxiety wondering how your badges and keyrings will turn out. No more worrying if they’ll even be delivered on time. You’ve found us. We’re ready to get to work for you.

What we believe in
  • Getting Your Badges and Keyrings Should be Easy

    Getting Your Badges and Keyrings Should be Easy

    Each of our account managers have been supplying custom badges and keyrings to the UK’s best brands for at least 10 years, so they know how to make your experience go as smooth as possible.

  • Best service and best prices isn't just possible, it's realistic.

    Best service and best prices isn't just possible, it's realistic.

    Surprised? So were most of our clients. But we love proving that outstanding service isn't something that you need to pay more for. We offer the UK's best prices - guaranteed - amongst quality-certified ISO9001 companies.

  • Quality Matters

    Quality Matters

    Badge and keyring quality and brand quality go hand-in-hand. That's why we make sure all of our products meet our stringent quality checks. And to put your mind at ease, we provide the UK's premier quality guarantee.

We pride ourselves on our advice and guidance. Badges and keyrings can seem overwhelming, so we do our best to make it an easy process for our clients.

Lana Ziskind, who's been at Rocket for 17 years

Meet the Team

  • Daniel Lyons

    Founder and Managing Director

    Since forming Rocket as a one-man-band, Daniel's had a rock-solid commitment to providing outstanding customer service. He thinks that's what's behind Rocket Badge becoming the UK's leading badge and keyring supplier.

  • Lana Ziskind

    Account Manager

    Lana's been providing clients with brilliant solutions for 13 years. She's famous for thinking outside the box and coming up with ingenious ideas that really help her clients stand out! So go on, give her a challenge and find out for yourself!

  • Nikki Gee

    Account Manager

    Nikki's been providing her clients with valuable guidance and reliable service for more than 19 years. Nikki's known for utilising her remarkable badge and keyring knowledge to come up with brilliant ideas that her clients love.

  • Rosemary McKee

    Account Manager

    Even though 22 years have passed since Rosemary's first order, she remembers just about everyone! We're almost certain that each of her clients remembers her efficiency and outstanding product knowledge.

  • Andrew Greaves

    Quality Manager

    Andrew's been an integral part of Rocket Badge for over 18 years. He's responsible for overseeing our strict quality standards that has led to full ISO9001 quality accreditation. He's also our resident CIPD-qualified HR manager, and one of Brighton's best musicians!

  • Danny Smith

    Lead Product Designer

    How many badges and keyrings has Danny designed in his 13 years at Rocket Badge? Far more than any of us would ever imagine. Danny's practical know-how, attention to detail and creativity has led him to become an industry authority on the intricacies of product design.

  • James Wilkins

    Badge Designer

    James has been at Rocket Badge for the last 5 years. He's a comic book geek but he's also known for his strong design skills and creative approach which has resulted in some amazing products for our clients.

  • Marilyn Noel

    Sales Coordinator

    Marilyn's been providing her clients with superb customer service for 4 years at Rocket Badge. Marilyn is a key member of our new Ethical Supply team and also happens to be our in-house crossword wizard.

  • Rowena Mutuc

    Sales Coordinator

  • Diana Oliveira

    Sales Coordinator

  • Morgane Avian

    Sales Coordinator

  • Monika Sustrova

    Production and Logistics

  • Arnaud Liv

    Production and Logistics

  • Gersh Grosberg

    Special Projects

  • Jono Milner

    Special Projects

  • Jana Kocianova

    Head of Accounts

  • Branka Levi

    Accounts Assistant

  • Hana Rezkova

    Accounts Assistant

  • Ivana Dvorska

    Accounts Assistant

Our clients keep coming back because they know that they can rely on us.

Rosemary McKee, who's been at Rocket for 26 years

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